Newtown Criminal Docket, 1659-1688

Newtown Criminal Docket, 1659-1688


This 1797 hand-drawn map of the town of Flatbush and surrounding areas of Brooklyn includes the homes of several early Dutch families that settled in the area, as well as Erasmus Hall (now Erasmus Hall High School) and the Flatbush Reformed Dutch Church, the longest serving religious site in all of New York City. The delicate details of the map, from the church’s spire to the 8-point compass rose, have become discolored over time and embedded with dirt and grime. The cloth-back paper has become brittle and is subject to further damage if the map is handled by researchers. Adopting this item would allow conservators to reduce the acidic discoloration of the paper, remove much of the surface dirt that is obscuring fine details, and prevent further deterioration. Your support will help to extend the life of this important New York record.”

This item has been adopted.

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  • Dennis Maika